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Valuable political exposure 1

This picture of President Aquino’s visit to Barangay Tunasan in Muntinlupa accompanied by Liberal Party 2013 senatorial aspirants is generating controversy in social media. Among those with Aquino were Transportation and Communications Secretary Mar Roxas, Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon, former sectoral Rep.Riza Hontiveros, TESDA Administrator Joel Villanueva, and Aurora Rep.Sonny Angara.

Some comments:

Mae Paner: Siguro mas okay na di kayo ma expose na ganito kasi we cannot afford you guys, esp our president PNoy sick. Ang perception pag w Kris, wannabee senatoriables, Mar, tapos open truck, parang nangangampanya! So i guess you are hitting two birds w one stone? Tulong sa kalamidad sabay kampanya na rin? Di ba kung hiwa-huwalay na lakad mas maraming area na matutulungan at mako-cover?

Zeny Pascua-Iglesias: Trapo!

Jorel Ranjel: Kung naghiwahiwalay sana sila para mas malawak ang nacover nilang area kung talagang concern sila sa mga kababayan natin.nalulungkot talaga ako kay Cong.Ruffy.taga Muntinlupa yan e.parang nacontaminate na rin sya ng politika.

Bro Martin D. Francisco: Dislike this photo, insensitive sa kalagayan ng mga victims.

Valuable political exposure 2

There were also those who defended Aquino and his party:

Paulynn Sicam:
 e kung hindi naman lumabas si pnoy sasabihin wala syang pakialam.

Cris Lopera: 
Just playing devil around here. Do we really expect our senatorial candidates to be “flawless”? – whose responsible for this? Pnoy, senatorial candidates, LP? Aside from them, sinong kakandidato na santo? Mula ngayon hangang sa election na walang kabahid bahid ng mantsa?

Aries Matibag: Ms. Ellen,wala akong nakikita mali..Hndi nman siguro kailangan lagyan ng ibang malisya.

More comments:

Sel Caballes Cabingan: This photo aside from leaving a bad taste in the mouth is a no no no in basic security of the president; you don’t put all your eggs, whether penoy, balut, abnoy, hard-boiled in one basket; napakadelikado — isang hagis lang ng kwitis dyan sa trak siguradong magkakagulo na ang security nyan; at para kasing nagkakampanya na at mabuti walang nagtaas ng kamay at kumawaykaway sa mga tao; ang tingin ko tuloy sa picture na yan parang yung si nero ay pasayaw sayaw at lasing na lasing kumakanta at tumutgtug ng lira habang nasusunog ang rome; i myself is a moral supporter of the president but i can’t help but comment on this picture: hindi maganda ang dating sa taong bayan.

Inier Candor: What’s wrong with the people in this picture??? It is the intention of the people in this picture that is wrong! Very wrong! Pumunta ba sila doon talaga para tumulong at makiramay at magbigay pag-asa sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo at nabaha? Nag-punta ba sila doon para ipadama ng buong sinseridad sa mga kababayan natin na andyan sila karamay nila sa mga hirap at kawalang pag-sang pinagdaraanan nila ? O nagpunta sila doon para sa photo opps na makukuha nila at sa exposure na makukuha nila para gumanda ang rating nila sa survey dahil merong recall ang mga images ng trahedya sa isip ng mga tao??? Let’s give dignity to our people who have suffered and are suffering due to this calamity. Let’s us not exploit their situation for our own selfish political intentions. Yes. even the hopeless and the helpless have dignity, let’s not rob them off that. Because their dignity is the only thing left for those people whose properties have been lost or damaged due to this calamity. Daig pa nila ang mga Pariseong nagdadasal ng malakas sa labas ng templo para makita ng mga tao na banal sila. I am appalled by the insensitivity of these people. I am appalled by their insensitivity. Pwede bang tumulong sila dahil nais nilang tumulong? Kahit isang kilong bigas na taos puso mong binigay na merong pagpapakumbaba sa tumanggap ay kahanga -hanga . There is dignity in giving and receiving. Hindi porke nangangailangan ang mga taong wala ay dapat na nilang pagsamantalahan ang kawalang ng ilan.

Norwin Mark Castro: Let’s not kid ourselves, when you’re in politics, everything IS politics — whether you want to help or not, it’s because of your political office that you get to implement that. And the public — as taxpayers — compensate you for that, if not more. And since you have been given such privilege, unto you much responsibility is expected.

This is where the Communications Department becomes crucial. Whatever you do will have a message that it sends. Good intentions? What is hell paved with again? You want to help? Do you really need to be in that truck? You cannot please everybody, which is why you need to manage expectations. You want to show solidarity? It doesn’t have to be in one truck.

The mere fact that this photo has generated such intense displeasure from the public shows how ill-advised such course of action is. The Bush Administration was lambasted during Katrina not for his absence on the site but rather for his administration’s inefficiency in managing the crisis. Which is why the President need not appear on site, but rather to ensure that the relevant agencies do their jobs.

There’s actually another picture wherein relief goods and the public are kept waiting until the President’s arrival, which is quite ironic that in his effort to help, he has become the cause of delay.

And yes, it is in tragic moments like these that we need to be more vigilant with what our public servants do. Heroes are born in times of tragedy … and not promoted as heroes with press releases. And yes, the cabinet or agency members should have been deployed in other parts of the country that have been affected, and not paraded as a senatorial slate that will always be inferred, except for idiots in denial.

Actually, if there’s anyone who’s a burden here, it would be the entire government officials riding with Kris.

She’s the only one who has the legitimate right to ride a movie float.


About Asmartrock

N. Mark Castro is the Southeast Asia Director of JUMP DIGITAL Asia, which is an internationally-awarded and fully integrated digital marketing agency with 5 out of 10 offices in the ASEAN region. He is also the Secretary General of the Philippine Business Club Indonesia, managing and assisting the traffic of investments between the Philippines and Indonesia. He shuttles between Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia, and Australia. The views posted here are his own and do not in any way reflect the views of the companies he represents.

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  1. angel s. mercado

    see mark castro’s command of the king’s language, , , , amazing !!!

  2. Thank you but … but … I was shooting for the Queen’s! Demmit!

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