The Barreto Telenovela Sub-Plot

By N Mark Castro

When it rains, it’s four

Melanie Marquez


barNow that controversial minor politician and former minor celebrity Marjorie Barretto had admitted that she is, indeed, the person in the scandalous photos, you would think that the seemingly endless Barretto scandals would stop.


But as I promised, I have herewith taken down the controversial and PRIVATE pictures of Marjorie Barreto which had circulated on the Internet. I strongly believe that she deserves every right to privacy and dignity of whatever it is she does in her own bed.

My contention earlier, however, was that for as long as she denied them and used the law to threaten my freedom, then the more I would fight against it. Now that she had come into full disclosure, then I would be the first to promote her privacy and would actually want to punch whomsoever uploaded it to begin with.

I do not care who sleeps with and what she does in her private life. It’s hers and she deserves her privacy.

Unfortunately for her, however, her chickens have come home to roost.

Marital separations happen all the time. They can be civil or painful depending on how you manage it, especially when a third party is involved. As luck would have it, Marjorie didn’t manage to handle it well enough. Rumour had it that she was sleeping with Caloocan Mayor Recom Echeverri at the time, the same local government where her husband, Dennis Padilla, was a City Councilor.

Funnyman Dennis Padilla made his bones playing second lead to the stars in Philippine cinema. He was the son of another funnyman, Dencio Padilla, who was a perennial cast member of the late Fernando Poe, Jr., who was cheated out of his presidency and whose daughter is now running for the senate.

Dennis Padilla likewise parlayed his popularity into politics, serving as councilor in the City of Caloocan. When his term ended, his then wife Marjorie Barretto took over the same position.

Whether or not the extra-marital affair happened during her tenure as City Council Member or her husband’s time is immaterial. It’s an open secret that Mayor Recom Echeverri has an illicit relationship with Marjorie Barretto. As early as 2008, Marjorie Barretto was hounded by the issue.

It has not died down since then.

It has even escalated to rumors that Marjorie gave birth in the US, a child allegedly sired by Mayor Recom Echeverri.

What’s ironic is that as she insists on denying the relationship, some incriminating evidence would come out and she would be forced to admit it yet again.

“Hindi ko alam kung papano iha-handle ang issue,” she confessed. “This is not a show biz matter. This is also political matter. Tumahimik ako kasi I just hoped it would just die down. Baka election fever lang ‘to,” she pointed out. “Wala akong relasyon kay Mayor Recom Echiverri.”

(I don’t know how to handle this issue. This is not a show biz matter. This is also political matter. I’ve just remained quiet because I just hoped it would just die down. Maybe it’s just an election fever lang. I do not have a relationship with Mayor Recom Echiverri.

Only one other politician on earth comes to mind in a statement such as this.

Several years since her extra-marital affair with Mayor Recom Echeverri of Caloocan City, the issue continued to take a life of its own, even to this date.

And to compound her woes, fellow City Councilor and Mayor Echeverri’s son, RJ Echeverri, has this to say:

“I cannot deny, I cannot confirm. But I feel bad about it. It’s not good for our family. It affects my mother,”


And just like any typical political dynasty in the Republic of the Philippines, Fatboy Echeverri is running for his dad’s mayoral post.

Clearly, the problem in managing this issue is how Marjorie Barretto herself has failed to anticipate simple communications protocols. You can see errors upon errors along the entire process:

1. She vehemently denied that it was her in the picture.

2. She engaged the services of a lawyer and warned everyone disseminating said pictures that they are in violation of the law.

3. She engaged the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to investigate the violators.

All these from someone who was not supposedly the woman in the said photos.

Worse, when she was already confronted with such damning evidence, she hides under the guise of not having seen the photos first when she made the denial.

This is what irritated netizens the most: a woman projecting such an almighty image when she’s as clay as everyone else.

The public would have sided with her more, forgiven her more, sympathized with her more had she said:

Yes it was me in those photos. It was a (youthful) mistake. I’m a single mother finding love in ways I could do. But it has reached a point that this isn’t about me but my impressionable children. I seek your assistance in helping me stop the dissemination of these private photos for the sake of my children.

Netizens would have ate that up, policed their ranks, and even hackers would have helped her. Instead, she rides high on her horse and engages another horse-looking individual whose pastime is spewing out threats:

If there’s one thing Filipinos hate the most, it’s a threat. Worse, a threat from such an unappealing woman who, instead of appealing to the decency of netizens, castigates them as second-class citizens and speaks like some much-hated school principal.

And to compound the miserable state that Marjorie finds herself in, her former husband Dennis Padilla has allegedly spread a letter appealing to the electorate of Caloocan City not to vote for Echeverri.

Content of alleged Dennis Padilla letter

Allegedly, it came from an Instagram post:

What is evident in this letter that Dennis Padilla allegedly wrote is that the so-called open secret relationship of Mayor Recome Echeverri and his erstwhile wife Marjorie Barretto has been confirmed. Padillia, according to the letter, is accusing Mayor Echiverri as the third-party who had caused the marital breakup of Dennis and Marjorie Barretto.

Amidst all these, the greatest victim is the untimely maturity of Julia Barretto, daughter of Dennis Padilla and Marjorie, who is currently caught in-between the family scandals that have rocked her senses.

Much like all her aunts before her, show business has trashed all the innocence she has by being peddled off to the Philippine viewing public.

To become an object of desire at such a tender age the way her aunt Gretchen was several years ago isn’t a sign of progress. It’s Philippine commercialism at its lowest.

In light of all these … all I can say to the entire Barretto clan, for the sake of your young children … will someone please …

It may be the most challenging role each one of you will ever do. It may not have box-office hits written all over it, nor the cash-cow you would have wanted it to be … because …


All pictures have been lifted off the net. If you own the pictures and wish to be acknowledged or for it to be taken down, holler. If not, Sotto Me.

About Asmartrock

N. Mark Castro is the Southeast Asia Director of JUMP DIGITAL Asia, which is an internationally-awarded and fully integrated digital marketing agency with 5 out of 10 offices in the ASEAN region. He is also the Secretary General of the Philippine Business Club Indonesia, managing and assisting the traffic of investments between the Philippines and Indonesia. He shuttles between Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia, and Australia. The views posted here are his own and do not in any way reflect the views of the companies he represents.

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  1. salam kenal ya.. tidak akan pernah bosan untuk tinggalkan jejak disini.. 😀

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