The Horror of Sen Ramon “Bong” Revilla Explained

By N Mark Castro

The picture here is from The Thinking Class of the Philippines Facebook Page and we are reposting it here to spread the word and the show the horrific gall of Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr., former movie actor and currently a shameless Senator in the Republic of the Philippines who is involved in the pork barrel scandal in the Philippines.

bongTo add serious insult to an infected wound, Sen Bong Revilla’s questions the very signature he signed on the release of Pork Barrel fund to questionable NGOs headed by fugitive Janet Napoles as reported by Commission on Audit.

bongAccording to Interaksyon —

Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. is willing to subject himself to an impartial investigation on the pork-barrel scandal, but first wants a hand-writing expert to verify his signatures in the confirmation letters.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Revilla, through his lawyer Joel Bodegon, said that his office engaged the services of a hand writing expert to examine his supposed signatures in light of the admission of the whistle blowers, led by Benhur Luy, that as part of their supposed modus operandi under alleged pork barrel scam brains Janet Lim Napoles, they were routinely ordered to falsify documents covering the availment of the legislators’ Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

“A full and complete examination by handwriting experts should resolve the question of authenticity of the signatures,” he said.

Which is quite hilarious, really, especially when the Commission on Audit called on his bluff.


The gall to continuously lie in the face of Truth.

But how can anyone truly trust this Senator?

When news first broke out that he had been in collusion with Janet Napoles over the illegal disbursement of government funds for questionable NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations), his first claim was that he did not know Janet Napoles … yet here he is seen partying with her.

bong3So it’s really disgusting that in such blatant face of the truth, the Senator thinks that he’s still a movie actor that he could lie through it.

What a shame.





About Asmartrock

N. Mark Castro is the chief political communications strategist for PT AsiaLeads, a political and communications policy-making body based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is also the Executive Director at the Southeast Asia Consulting Group, an investment advisory company assisting clients roll out their presence for the ASEAN Economic Integration in partnership with government. The views posted here are his own and do not in any way reflect the views of the companies he represents.

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  1. there’s no stopping him, is there? makapal talaga ang mukha.

  2. Ang nakapagtataka lang bakit kaya ang lahat ng kasangkot ay kalaban ng administration natin? And marameng nagsasabe na sobrang scripted surrender ng pangyayare. Ano kaya tinatano ng administrasyon ni Pnoy?

  3. I am also curious on that “scripted surrender” that happened few days ago. And based on what i’ve been reading people are planning of making President Pnoy resign on the 11th of September. Impeachment of a president nanaman ba ito?

  4. Surprisingly my last commend disappeared does it mean kuya against opposition lang din ang tinitira mo? So are you in favor of yellow also?

  5. ….date ng corrupt yang limang yan…ngayon gusto nyong idamay ang presidente para makalusot sila….gusto nyo baligtaren lahat…ang kakapal ng mukha nyo….

    • Gusto ko lang linawin na ni minsa’y hindi nabanggit sa naisulat dito ang pangalan ni President Aquino kung kaya’t hindi ko maintindihan kung saan nanggagaling ang reklamo mo.

      Kung ang tinutukoy mo ay ang mga komento ng ating mga mambabasa eh meron din naman silang karapatang sabihin at isulat ang kanilang opinyon.

      Kung maari lang ay pwede rin naman nating pag-usapan at pagdebatihan ang isyung ito pero ang laman ng ating usapin ngayon ay ang patuloy na pagsisinungaling ni Sen Bong Revilla kahit buking na.

      Wala ako’ng kinikilingan kung oposisyon o administrasyon dahil ang pinakaimportanteng usapin na ating dapat mapagkasunduan ay kung pano nating maipapatigil ang pang-aabuso sa ating pinaghirapang buwis.

      Totoo na me mga kabutihang nagawa ang ibang kagalang-galang na NGO pero dahil sa malaking akusasyon na nagpapakita ng mas malaking katiwalian eh kinakailangang ipatigil muna hanggang matapos ang imbestigasyon.

      Wala ako’ng pakialam kung oposisyon o administrasyon ang mahuli at makulong, ang pinakaimportante eh me maparusahan naman dito.

  6. agree ako 101% sa iyo smart rock! keep up the crusade against these plunderers!
    sino yung mataba w/ white shirt? the way they looked, it seemed like each swallowed a whole chicken.

  7. ang kapal mo bong revilla wala pang ginagawa ang ating pamahalaan my sinasabi ka na agad at kung hindi ka guilty tumahimik ka na lang muna. justice will prevail and truth will come out.

  8. Si Bong Revilla ay hinde niya matangap na ang PDAF ay pera ng bayan ang inisip niya ay sa kanya. Mabuti narin ang nabulgar na ang napakalaking syndicato na ito sa ating gobiyerno. Dapat managot ang bawat mapatunayan at bawiin sa kanila ang pera ng bayan. Sa lahat ng senador at congressman na involve. They are the worst thieves of the modern day.

  9. Sa issue ng nakawang ito sa senado at congreso matatahimik lang ang taong bayan kapag ang lahat ng involve ay makita namin nasa KULUNGAN.
    Alam namin na ang proseso ay magtatagal pero handa kaming mag antay at patuloy na sumusubaybay sa anomalyang ito at maging sa darating pang katiwalian ngayon at in future administration. Masakit sa kagaya naming taxpayer nakapag ang mahirap at mga naaping OFW at mga vicitima ng calamidad ang humingi ng tulong sa govt. ay laging walang budget. Pero kapag ang mga walang HIYANG mga SENADOR,CONGRESSMEN at ang mga executives of govt. agency ay madali lang ang pera ang tanong lang sila lang ba ang SAKOP NG BATAS na maykarapatan na makinabang sa tax na aming binabayad.
    The bible is true na ang panginoon ay kakampi ng nga kapos palad na patuloy na inaapi na makapangyarihan, mapag samantala.
    Totoo Ilaw na ng Diyos ang naglantad sa anomalyang ito.

    Sen. Estrada say he cannot accept to call him worse thieves but only thieves may be, You can read him through his facial expression at all cost he is hypocrites and unthrustworthy like the pharisee and the teacher of the law in jesus time.

    Well for Sen. Bong Revilla if you are true to your self stop denying and throwing your accusation to some one else please resign now and return your loots, thats the people money.

  10. The lawyer of Sen. Bong Revilla is a GREAT BAKER he knows how to bread but not the “manna” because it is the real bread from heaven, it is true to most lawyer their work is to curve and weaken the truth and strenghten the pillar of the false to be true. This one of the most irritable nature of many lawyer specially if they are a defence lawyer of the accuse.
    Until this time Bong Revilla is enjoying his tricks and denial of any wrong doing he may be true because in the senate and congress IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO STEAL means you are not HONEST or either you do’nt belong to this institution this is Bong Revilla’s motive and belief that is why he insist saying his conscience is clear because he steal money of the nations coffer.
    Counter charge by Bongs Revillas camp against all whistle blower is absurb he better think twice this action is not in his favor but of Atty. Bodegon to show that he is working hard for his defence ofcourse new work needs additonal lawyers fee congratulation to Atty. Bodegon your so smart to please your clients, BAKE him slowly until all his pork oil drain out as fuel of a consuming fire to finish him.
    In regard to 2016 election Bong Revilla can kiss goodbye in his bid for running in the highest office because this scam will remain in the heart of the Pilipino people NAGISING NA ANG MASA sa kasinungalingan nila at nakilala ang tunay na mga criminal.
    Lastly the citizens knew better the status of the senate and congress that it cannot be trusted because all of them is tainted in pork oil thats the very reason why they lost their moral value to distinguish the good and bad for a decades ago. They become sick and getting more sick cause by the PDAF and DAP to abolish this system is the ultimate medicine to save the senate and the country from SHAME.

  11. keep up the good work to expose those who are guilty..Pero sa dinami dami ng mga magnanakaw sa pilipinas, wala pang isa ang nakulong..first and foremost, the Marcoses–what a shame they’re back in power..I think we need to educate our masses who don’t have computers in their hands..Then that would be easier to get to where we wanted to be in the near future, eradicate corruption and create a more livable philippines.. I can remember the wife and sons of the PNP comptroller who smuggled hundreds of thousands of dollars to the U.S. and got caught red handed..where are they now? they are still living large in the U.S.. and of course, Sen. Lito Lapid’s wife, Marissa who got caught bringing thousands of dollars in her purse and got caught at the immigration..what happened to that?..Is there any way you can repost these newsworhty news over and over again so it won’t be forgotten…Constant reminder should keep our people think about voting wisely next time.

  12. Ang luma lantad na anomalya sa Pilipinas ay halos sa lahat na ng sangay ng ating pamahalaan ay dawit sobra ang dami ng perang nawala sa sampong taon na yon kong napunta sa dapat pagkagastusan ang halagang ito ay wala na sanang nagugutom na Pilipino at batang lansangan na sa murang edad halip na nasa classroom ay nsa kalye upang maghanabuhay upang mamalimos.
    Sometimes i ask myself if it is righteous to splash water in the face of thse involved kong ito ay nasa batas or by tradition na ang bawat botante ay may karapatang gawin ito ay maraming magunahan at baka ngayon ay lunod na ang mga dawit.
    During the proposed caucus meeting for napoles appearance in the senate blue ribbon committee instead they concentrate on the earthquake victim and discuss to help ano kaya ang nakain nila malaking himala na magbibigay daw sila ng 6million budget sa biktima ng lindol. Siguro inisip nila upang matuwa ang taong bayan lalo lang dinagdagan nila ang inis ng masa dahil nakakasukang pakingan.
    Only 6 million for a hundreds or a thousand victim while they give 200million for one stupid and thieves senator plus incentive worth 50 million and 70million for one bastard congressmen.
    Naku po lantarang pang insulto na ang ginagawa ng mga vampire sa senado sana magising na ang taong bayan upang pigilin at tapusin na ang laban.

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