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A feature of women that inspire others. The height of their intelligence is matched by the depth of their kindness, with an inner strength that can meet obstacles and challenges, and beauty that can quiet an entire army.

These women shouldn’t be heading companies. They should be leading nations.

If you think you’ve got it, go date them but, remember, these women have seen the strings and the puppet dance. Step up and be a man.

Secrets of Top Young Female CEOs

By N Mark Castro

They’re smart. They’re young. They’re influential. They’re gorgeous. And they’re hot.

They inspire women to prove that one doesn’t need to be a bitch to get to the top nor look haggard when leading an entire company. Life and Work balance is possible.

Pics: Top 10 hottest female CEOs

Claire Chambers is the CEO and founder of Journelle, a premier lingerie store in New York. At 27, after just five years behind a desk, she left a successful career in business consulting with Katzenbach Partners to start anew as an entrepreneur. Read the rest of this entry

A Pinay In Jakarta

This section continues its feature on smart and pretty women around town.

By N Mark Castro


Phoebe works for the Indonesian office of Asian Tigers Group, which is one of the premiere moving companies in the region. Her daily grind involves meeting with clients and ensuring that their repatriation goes smoothly, oversees shipment arrival on time, and engages suppliers.

And that’s just in the morning.

But her tenacity at work is tempered by her quick smile and deep understanding of the stress and challenges of repatriation and relocation; after all, she’s lived around the region as an expatriate herself for so many years.

Says Phoebe: “I know ALL the stress involved in missing a document or furniture, and I know the awful feeling when you know your things have been mishandled. This is why I coordinate with our crew that things are handled with care.”

Despite her busy schedule, Phoebe manages to find a balance with her work and life as an expatriate, spending her downtime with girlfriends and pursuing her diverse passion: photography, singing, cooking, badminton, and golf, to name a few.

We caught up recently with Phoebe who gamely joined in sharing her experiences as an expatriate in Jakarta, and for becoming the first feature on this section’s FaceBar. Read the rest of this entry

The Devil Wears Prada

While I was away in the Philippines, my wacky editorial assistant Rachel took over … but don’t let her fool you, she’ll one day lead this nation.

Meanwhile, she can keep hating me.

How The Price of a Louboutin Shoe is Enough to Start a Business

By N. Mark Castro

Law graduate Abigail Wiriaatmadja is used to doing many different things at once, and she doesn’t hesitate to mix her business with her charity case. As a young woman, she had worked for the Indonesian Red Cross, the Australian Red Cross, and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. She got married to a colleague that had to relocate often all over the world for disaster response. The distance eventually led to their divorce and she picked up her life and moved on to corporate world, handling editorial and translation work for companies localizing their corporate communications.

Feeling the itch for independence, Abigail decided to go freelance while pursuing her passion in baking. Together with her sister, they embarked on establishing L’Chaim Home Made Bread, a home-delivery bakeshop specializing in European and Middle Eastern style bread. After less than a year of operations, L’Chaim Home Made Bread recovered its initial investment, added more baking equipment, and will add to its list of clientele in Kemang, while preparing for their first-ever outlet. What’s interesting to note is that while other companies allocate a budget for its advertising plans, L’Chaim allocates 30 percent of its profit to donation.

LiveOlive sat down with Abigail to discuss her entrepreneurial challenges, personal money management, and her journey towards financial independence.

Read the rest of this entry

Feature: Santi Alaysius

Santi Alaysius: Turning a Vision to Reality

Santi was finishing her education in the United States (US) while working three part-time jobs to augment her income. Her parents paid for her education and accommodations but everything else she took care, including her financial mistakes.

While living abroad, she realized she wanted to build her own company and eventually not work for anyone – not even for her Dad who owned a construction and property development company. So if it meant taking three jobs and serve tables, she did.
When she finally graduated at The Art Institute of Seattle and Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, where she received Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Marketing Management and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, she interned at Thom Filicia, Inc in New York and Simeone Deary Design Group in Chicago, doing high-end residential and hospitality work. Her work as the Project Designer of The Elysian Hotel won numerous awards, including being named the #1 hotel in the US and #7 hotel in the world by Conde Nast Traveller and Elle Décor Magazine. Seeing the economic growth in Asia, she decided to move back home and co-founded with a friendDomisilium Studio, which is niche design company.

LiveOlive Team exchanged stories with Santi to find out the importance of savings, budgeting, investments, and financial independence as a young female entrepreneur.

Read the rest of this entry

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