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La Quadriga in Indonesia

There are only two of these Murano glass masterpieces crafted by Pino Signoretto. One is owned by a European and the other by an Indonesian businessman.

For enquiries and private viewing …

The Irony of Philippine Politics: Marcos Family vs Binay Family

By N Mark Castro


Places I Hate In Indonesia

By N Mark Castro

So this is where I live for the past decade.

And at dusk my view from my old office was this

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Janet Napoles Surrenders

By N Mark Castro

Why fugitive Janet Napoles was received by no less than the President himself is beyond me.


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The Horror of Sen Ramon “Bong” Revilla Explained

By N Mark Castro

The picture here is from The Thinking Class of the Philippines Facebook Page and we are reposting it here to spread the word and the show the horrific gall of Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr., former movie actor and currently a shameless Senator in the Republic of the Philippines who is involved in the pork barrel scandal in the Philippines.

bongTo add serious insult to an infected wound, Sen Bong Revilla’s questions the very signature he signed on the release of Pork Barrel fund to questionable NGOs headed by fugitive Janet Napoles as reported by Commission on Audit.

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Stormy Weather: The Wrath of Maring

Pati Langit Umiyak
By N Mark Castro

Manila was brought down to its knees yet again with torrential rains that submerged some areas in waist-deep floodwaters and making streets impassable to vehicles, while thousands of people in northern regions fled to emergency shelters. Annually, the Philippine archipelago is visited by 20 tropical cyclones in a year, making it one of the most storm-battered countries in the world.

Here are some of the pictures available on the net and collated for your reference.

Stay safe everyone!

Heavy rain in the Philippine capital Manila forced the closure of government offices, schools, banks and most private companies on Monday.

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TWINS: The Eerie Resemblance

By N Mark Castro

In light of the recent posting I made — culled from the net, of course — of the eerie similarity of two famous personalities:

Nicholas Cage resembles a Civil War doppelganger

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MILF (Mothers I Love To F …)

By N Mark Castro

I’m tired of 22 year olds thinking they’re special for being hot. You’re 22. You’re supposed to be hot.

Call me when you’re 45 and hot.

Young kids will always be just that … Young and kids. But to age gracefully requires dedication and discipline, with inner beauty emanating from within, glowing, radiating, and infecting.

It’s easy to spot worn-out kids with their zits and boogers, pretending to be adults, but as immature as their … well, do the math.

Here are some celebrities that can teach kids a whole of things or two.


Halle Berry, 46
Mother of Two

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WHY: The Most Important Question on Posting in Facebook

By N Mark Castro

Instincts honed from a lifetime of interacting with people can help guide you to Facebook success. You should be able to talk to anyone, engage anyone, anytime, anywhere.

It’s said that in basketball, if you can play, you can stay.

Rings true for any bar in any part of the world.

But you should also incorporate a handful of key characteristics shared by the most effective business posts.

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The Philippine Telco Wars: How Globe Continues To Screw Up Because Of Its PR Department

Undoubtedly the fiercest, most feared, but highly respected professor, economist, and media personality in the entire Republic of the Philippines, has this to say about Globe Telecommunications awful customer services.

Get Real

Sequel to ‘A (common?) horror story’


On Dec. 29, 2012, my column, which the editors titled “A (common?) horror story,” described the travails of my daughter Tami as she tried to replace her lost Globe phone, and my travails as I tried to help her. The Reader may recall that I began the column by expressing hope that I would be narrating a horror story with a happy ending—an all’s-well-that-ends-well type.  But it did not come to pass, as I lamented, because Globe had once again reneged on its promise that Tami would have her phone by Dec. 27 at 2 p.m.  (I wrote and sent the column on the afternoon of Dec. 28). Read the rest of this entry

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