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How This Baby Reacts Is Priceless

When A Man Loves A Woman: In Memoriam of Atty. Enrico Eric R. Castro

By N Mark Castro

She was a provincial lass every inch of the way who, at one point, was said to have taken the interest of an invading Japanase soldier who wanted to adopt her.

In a family of 12, she was the youngest and lived her life much like every provincial girl did: helped in household chores, studied in a local school, went to Church, played with her much older siblings, until, at last, when it was her turn, was sent to the city to further her education.

She took up education, hoping to teach kids back home in her province. She stayed home with her married sister during her temporary relocation to Manila, where she met a confident law student whose aunt owned the apartment her sister’s family was renting. Or so the story went.

After graduating from the university, she went back home to the province, which was roughly a 12-hour ride from the city back then. Though relatively pretty, she soon became an engaging personality back in the province, ready to attend local gatherings and welcome visiting guests. Her suitor from the city, smitten, wanted to pursue her further but was obliged to finish his law school. As soon as he was done, however, he followed her in the province, got off at the airport, and trekked a 4-km distance to visit the girl that took his heart.

There was no electricity then. It was a dark walk. It was in an unfamiliar territory, where other local boys looked down upon strangers from the city as arrogant bastards. He was determined. Day in and day out he would visit the girl, amidst her 11 other siblings, and the entire eyes of a disapproving village.

He declared his intentions. She was uncertain.

And then he made his promise. “If I pass the bar examinations, I will marry you.”

He left.

She hoped.

Back in the city, he prepared for the bar exams with much determination. There was no internet. Libraries were in disarray as this was just after the war. And on the day of the bar exams, on the fourth part, he fell asleep.

Dejected but hopeful, he informed his provincial girl of what had happened, of his fate, of the challenges that lay ahead … but soon the results came out.

He made it in the top ranking.

Soon, they both got married and started a family: one boy, two boys, three boys …

But with no girl that warmed his heart and helped his wife, they pursued some more.

Then I came.

Then the next.

Five boys.

There went the ballgame.

From being one of the prettiest girls in her village, full of hope and dream, she became the tortured woman of five devils: resented, rejected, ignored, rebelled at, screamed at, begged at, stood by, hugged, and loved.

I think her maternal and parental skills were never in question as to how her five boys turned out.

And I think his dedication as a father was never questioned … 

We were, really, just the devils everyone thought we’d be, regardless of any woman from whose womb we’d sprung.

Atty. Enrico Eric R Castro

Perhaps it was the misalignment of the stars, the misfortune of birth, or the conspiracy of the Fates that dictated you spend the rest of your life caring for us … but …

Thank you, Papa … and know that you’ll always live in our hearts.

Photo: The remains of Atty. Enrico Eric R. Castro is currently interred at St. Peter's Memorial Chapel at Marcos Highway, Baguio City and is available for viewing today until Friday, March 29, 2013.Memorial services in Manila will be announced later.Thank you all for the support, well wishes and prayers.

My Father’s Shoes

Reprinted from my site

He lays in the hospital bed, sedate, serene, and perhaps drifting in and out of sleep. Where once, bright clear black eyes shone openly, attentively and resolutely, now they are gray, dim, glassy, and panning purposelessly across the room with nowhere to fixate.

My father is dying.

There is no mistake about that.

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Death in a Teacup: A Zen Koan

Sandwich Generation
By N Mark Castro


My father’s health has deteriorated and he’s currently in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the Mountain Province of the Philippines, where he and his wife were supposed to be on a holiday leading to the celebration of their wedding anniversary.

Prior to that, he’s been missing out on his medications and has refused for the longest time to undergo dialysis treatment.

To say that he’s stubborn is an understatement.

And now there he is, laying in a hospital bed somewhere, in a city away from his friends and relatives, undergoing dialysis treatment 3x a week, with various medications. He continues to refused to take his medicine and has lost his appetite for food.

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Almighty Dad

By N Mark Castro

almightydadWas somehow compelled to …


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Who’s Yo Daddy? 5 Types of Dads in Maternity Rooms

By N Mark Castro


So you’re in the hospital with your boyfriend, partner, or husband and you honestly do not know what the hell he is doing.

Take heart. You’re not alone. Billions of women have already gone through the special occasion you are going through and they’re passing onto you unlimited wisdom they’ve uncovered with the various birthing partners they’ve witnessed.

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Fatherhood Invented The Camera Phone

By N Mark Castro

You may have your fancy DSLR. You may have your tripods. Or your tablets. But insofar as the point-and-shoot is concerned, the camera is dead.

And replaced by the Camera Phone.

What many of you may not know is that the first camera phone was invented because of fatherhood, because of one man’s obsession to immediately share to family and friends that arrival of his child.

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No Sex In The City: A Guy’s Guide To Having A Baby II

By N Mark Castro

Due to popular demand which involves mainly me.

The first thing that happens when you announce your girlfriend’s or your wife’s pregnancy is for people to go: “You have a girlfriend?” or “You have a wife?”

Or congratulate you.


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No Sex In The City: A Guy’s Guide To Having A Baby

By N Mark Castro

As a father of two — and, clearly, a veteran of worrying at the hospital lounge — here’s my inaccurate advice for all men about to share the woes and joys of parenthood.

Welcome to the Club.

But here is the wisdom I’ve written for you —

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