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Nokia 3210: The Classic Turn of the Century Phone

By N Mark Castro

For all intents and purposes, as cliches go, Nokia’s ascent as the top mobile phone manufacturer on earth was also the reason for its decline.


It rested on its laurels, became complacent, and was late to innovate. It was dead even before the coffin came and was in denial that it was dead. The value kept decreasing because it had diversified so much looking for niche or a new target market when there was a time that they lorded it over everyone and was sold to everyone. Read the rest of this entry



Online Company Extends a Branch to Women on How to Deal With Finances
Lisa Siregar | December 25, 2012


Money is often seen as something frightening for people who do not posses knowledge about managing their income and expenses.

Jocelyn Pantastico did not start learning about money management until she was 35 and nearly broke. When she finally did learn, she was compelled to spread her knowledge.

Inspired by a 2008 Harvard study that found women often are in charge of the household’s finances Jocelyn developed LiveOlive, an online money management advisor. Last week in Jakarta, the Filipino woman launched the mobile application of LiveOlive named after the long living olive tree..

“Women are good with budgeting but they love shopping too, to make sure that it’s balanced they need a budgeting tool so they are guided by priority,” she said.

LiveOlive is available for everyone on its website and the newly released mobile application, MyLiveOlive is exclusively available at the Samsung Apps Store and for Samsung Galaxy users.

“We have a one-year contract with LiveOlive and an extension is possible,” said Pambudi Sudirman, apps manager of Samsung Indonesia.

In general, women begin using the service by identifying themselves. LiveOlive has sorted out articles and tools based on ages, from 20 to 40.

Single and married women have their own financial issues. Singles usually find it difficult to save money because they tend to splurge. LiveOlive asks users to insert their income and basic expenses from living cost to mortgages into a template. The tool calculates the percentage of income a user should save considering all the factors provided.

“They have to remember that they should save 20 percent of income first, and spend the rest of the money on shopping,” Jocelyn said.

Married women are usually more concerned about insurance, and they are usually torn between self-insurance or children’s education. LiveOlive hopes to help new and confused mothers.

One basic rule for Jocelyn is to never commit on an investment if one is in debt.

“Make sure you have paid all credit card bills before you start any investment,” Jocelyn advised.

Furthermore, Jocelyn said that it is important for women to feel confident in conducting their own investments. However, they need to feel at ease with money management to begin with. Investment takes a lot of thorough research. The safest thing to invest on is usually property, but the large down payment can be quite a risk. Jocelyn suggests starting with stocks because women can start with a small number of shares and a relatively smaller financial risk.

“They’ll need to familiarize themselves with the top 20 companies in the exchange with good records,” she said.

To give female users extra knowledge on this, LiveOlive also generates business reports from the major media outlets.


Reprinted from The Jakarta Globe

MYLIVEOLIVE Samsung App Media Coverage

Practical Financial LIVEOLIVE Site For Women

19 December 2012 16:06

Avriano Irvin A.


Illustration / LiveOlive

JAKARTA-terinpirasi from personal experience that never manage finances early on, Jocelyn Pantastico establish LiveOlive site to help women manage finances well and properly.

The site has launched a Singapore company called Strata Lysi Pte Ltd today, Wednesday (19/12), and can be accessed via smartphones and tablets Samsung.

Mobile apps from websites LiveOlive was named MyLiveOlive and can already be used through a smart phone the South Korean brand. On the other hand, LiveOlive was first launched early this year.

“The growth of the Internet, with as many as 55 million users in Indonesia, greatly help the realization of ‘mobile application’, as well as the increasing number of users of smartphones and tablets,” said Jocelyn.

He said the mobile application is more user friendly (‘user friendly’) in the spirit of fun and simple (‘fun & simple’).

Currently, the application is already has several applications settings and adjust budget as retirement calculator, credit card calculator, and financial tips.

“In global, 70% finance arranged by her family, when in Indonesia could be 80% or even 90%. This site may make women more easily to a better understanding of the finances, “he added.

Application Manager PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Pambudi Sudirman, said the current application can be downloaded MyLiveOlive already in mobile phones and gadgets around the Samsung Galaxy series.(Jibi / nel)

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An Apple A Day Keeps Competitors Away

Apple wins the first round in its legal case against Samsung.

20120825-122103 PM.jpg
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